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Elopement Wedding Venue


Our elopement style wedding venue is an intimate space adorned with soft drapes, warm ambient lighting, and luxurious decor. Our inviting venue creates and atmosphere of romance and seclusion, where your love story unfolds against an elegant backdrop, making it a perfect setting for your special day.

A great alternative to a courthouse wedding. Perfect for small wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, or elopements! 

  • Personalized Wedding Vows

  • Personalized Music Selections

  • Availability Monday thru Saturday

  • Space for up to 8 Guests in Addition to the Bride & Groom

  • One Hour Time Slot

  • Private Ceremony Space

413989062_1086795532354534_7296452510996341873_n (1).jpg
  • Complimentary Wedding Toast

  • Gift for Hosting Your Wedding at Our Venue!

413401320_1377437789646130_6895249856541195765_n (1).jpg
  • Professional Ceremony Officiant

  • Experienced Wedding Planner

What do we offer?

Only$350.00 per couple!

Reasons to get married in our Elopement Style Venue:
: Elopement style weddings are straight forw
ard and eliminate the complexities of planning a large ceremony.

Cost-Effective:  This option is budget-friendly, allowing you to allocate resources to other priorities.

Intimacy:  Perfect for couples who prefer a more private and intimate setting without the formality of a big event.

Time Saving:  Larger weddings often involve months of planning and preparation. Our venue involves minimal paperwork and same day appointments.

Less Stress:  With fewer details to manage, an elopement style wedding at our venue is a less stressful option.

Spontaneity:  Ideal for couples who want to tie the knot quickly without extensive planning.

Focus on Commitment:  Emphasizes the commitment between partners rather than the grandeur of the event.


Each couple will be responsible for obtaining their marriage license prior to your scheduled appointment. Ceremonies will NOT be performed without a valid marriage license. Refunds will not be given for missed appointments or appointment cancellations.

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